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Here’s Why I Stopped Buying Stuff Online

Online buying has revolutionized the concept of shopping. You can scroll through several product ranges that are offered at discount rates. This is the prime-facia of online shopping. The actual situation is way different than what is portrayed to woo the customers.

Buying Stuff Online

Here’s let me tell you why I stopped buying stuff online:

  • I use to buy things that I don’t even need!

Yes, it is true. One day I decided to clear my closet and ended up finding a huge mess of stuff that I do not need and have not even used once. The discounts on online shopping portals forced me to buy that!

  • I bought the least quality stuff!

As compared to my weekly shopping routine at the mall, I have bought the worst quality stuff only. Lack of product details or the inability of my “senses of touch” can be blamed for the same.

  • Discounted prices- Costlier than actual!

Let me tell you clearly, I fell hypnotized to 50% off and above offers of online shopping. Soon, I found that these offers are costing me way more than the actual price when I realized that it is nothing more than a marketing tactic of company.

  • Virtual Vs Reality

One of the major issues in my case had been that the product appearance and colors are way too different in what is reflected and what I actually got! I have 6 tops that I bought for specific trousers but can’t wear them due to the difference in their appearance than shown.

  • I can’t return the products easily!

I am not the lazy type of person but it is just like that some stuff like faulty power bank is accumulated in my belongings as I just can’t return them easily. It is not as easy that I will be going to the supermart again, show the bill, and return the faulty products.

  • Ambiguous warranties!

It can be ok if I am buying stuff like clothes, eatables, etc. but how can I buy a washing machine if I am not given clear details about its warranty period?

Can you afford to waste your hard-earned money just because you are getting more options for the products? I can’t and for me, online shopping scored way too low on the quality check, the price versus usage rank, and ease of returns.